SCAM ALERT:  Please be advised that a bogus website ( recently attempted to impersonate our company by illegally using our logo and company name.  This site purported to sell items such as lobster and crab at impossibly low prices.  We identified the host of the site, which shut it down upon receipt of our complaint. Seafood Exchange has absolutely no relationship with this scam site and, in fact, we do not sell anything online. Consumer protection experts recommend contacting your financial institution regarding the recovery of any payments you may have made to this illegitimate site.

Seafood Exchange has been a major seafood processor and importer since 1979, delivering custom, high-quality value-added seafood products from around the world.  Our special expertise in shrimp is highlighted through our close partnership of over 30 years in Ecuador.

Our customer-partners include major restaurant and retail chains, many of which count on us to produce their highest-quality private label products.

We are proud members of the National Fisheries Institute and the Global Aquaculture Alliance. We ensure your food safety and quality by manufacturing in facilities certified by the Aquaculture Certification Council’s Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), which guarantees that our production processes are safe, traceable, and environmentally and socially responsible.

How can we help you?

Our expertise lies in the ability to develop high-quality, custom seafood products.

  • Our restaurant and retail experience ensures you the best of both worlds – products that guarantee guest satisfaction and reduce your cost of labor and waste.
  • Our vertically integrated operation in Ecuador – shrimp farms, processing plant, and U.S. management office – puts you directly in touch with the source.